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At numerous times depicted in paintings, tables and chairs are classical objects serving the composition when representing inanimate objects and animate figures, mostly in an interior setting. We wanted the table to be the subject, the character, the question. The visitor could step from the outside of the gallery inside and then outside but still in the gallery. The entrance door faced a large wall of timber, reminiscent of a shack. The gallery was divided in two parts by this wooden upright construction separating the well lighter section, in which the viewer first stepped in, from the rest. The rest was a dark landscape for which the visitor was offered access thorough an opening in the barn-like wall.

In tropical forests the night is not silent. Eyes need time to adjust to differences in light. Perfect, these seconds of blindness are invaded with smell. Something on the edge of being possible: an escape into a hot night, elsewhere. Air was heavy, humid, herbal scented, dry leaves contrasting the cold fresh air of November. The installation is total. Eyes adjust, here she is blue, with long thin legs, waiting, two chairs around like babies. Now it is possible to see in the obscurity, the tension is released.

Birds never stop singing.